There's been a quiet revolution on a silicon beach in Durban... Driven by the momentum of a change the world has been hurtled into by our entry into the Information Age.

The latest transition from the PC age to the Post-PC age offers us the opportunity as a people, as a company and as individuals to enter the global mainstream without concern to legacy challenges or obstacles. It allows us to push reset. Post-PC technology means that we can participate in the revolution wherever we are, whatever we look like, no matter what our parents believed.

immedia are warriors in this revolution and dev culture offers a form of chivalry, and is a code to ground ourselves in. One of the tenets of that code is Robert Noyce's urging - "Don't be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful" - that we be truly unafraid of failure.

So many of us say we want to change the world, but don't believe we are a part of history.

We forever see ourselves as apart from history.

Every one wants to live an epic life, but figure it's only for people in movies or books or legends, but it isn't. Ordinary people called Bob, or Steve, or Paul or John... who do extraordinary things are the ones who spark revolution.

Here at the centre of the storm, we are ordinary people doing things that in our world, our circumstances, our time ARE extraordinary.

Each of you were invited to join our family, become a warrior in the Post-PC revolution, and help change the circumstances of Durban, our country and continent.

This is a serious mission and we believe in it. People outside our walls (real and virtual) believe in us and believe that we are consequential. In short, you have already achieved one revolution... you have earned respect and pride for Durban and for a dev culture way of doing things.

Ideas, not money,
passion, not power
are the currency of the revolution.

And often, it doesn't matter if you haven't quite figured out all the answers yet - it's more important to keep learning, keep striving, to follow and nurture the spark... even if you're just dancing in the dark.

Many people have ideas, but those of us who turn ideas into reality - a spark into a burning fire - are the ones who believe... who just keep dancing, knowing that the light is only an insight away... Fall in love with what you do, be a gun-for-hire for great ideas... Help us turn that into a reality with accountability and process and consistency.

But never lose the delight of just dancing in the dark.

Epic success and an epic life takes grit... takes persisting with something beyond the point of reason but before the point of stupidity...

Steve Jobs called these people "the crazy ones", for the people who "believe they can change the world, often do".

Hey, that's you!

Some of your favourite apps ship from a #SiliconBeach in Durban. 

immedia and a growing raft of companies just like us are transforming the perception of Durban. Once written off as 'the only thing that Durban had to offer was great people and thinkers', it now appears that these very pillars of the Post-PC revolution are the most important qualities of all.

To do something to essentially solve the problem, not just as a proxy for greed and avarice.

To stand for and believe in something... To be authentic and consistent.

All these icons of ours stand for both a technical mastery of their craft as well as an animating sense of purpose in their lives. It was because their art and their science was inseparable that it generated the kind of innovation of thought that sparks revolution.

Bicycles for the mind
At the very dawn of the personal computer revolution and of Apple, Steve Jobs said that he...
You can free your mind
Don't gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold...